TigerMoms: Krystal Davis – Miracle Milk

Chad has been acting up, and his hot Asian stepmom, Krystal, wants to help get him back on track. She recently heard from a friend about the benefits of breast milk and how it helps with focus and behavior. Desperate to help Chad, Krystal feeds Chad her sweet breast milk. Chad feels immediately revitalized, and additionally, he feels a sudden connection to his stepmom, which he hasn’t felt in a very long time. Krystal notices Chad’s behavior change and works to get more milk for him. Later, Chad gets right to the source of the tap. Krystal lets Chad suck on her tits before she sucks his cock. She wants some milk, too, and strokes her stepson’s cock until he shoots out his load. Their lust for one another comes to an all-time high, and soon, Krystal can’t resist her stepson any longer. She enters his room and strips down to fishnet lingerie. She sucks Chad’s cock before letting him take her pussy. Chad fucks his stepmom hard, pounding her pussy and filling her up. When he can no longer hold his load, he cums all over her face, giving her the milk she craves.

Actors: Krystal Davis