PervNana: Penelope Kay & Audrey Hollander – Hush, Don’t Tell

When Parker walks in on his step-grandma eating his step-aunt’s pussy, he knows there is some fucked up stuff going on within his stepfamily. He can’t believe that Penelope is up on the counter getting her cooter tickled by Audrey, and although he knows it’s wrong, it turns him on big time. The sight is burned into his eyes as though he had stared at the solar eclipse against the advice of scientists everywhere. Penelope and Audrey know they have to do whatever it takes to earn Parker’s silence. Should word of this get out to his mother, there is no telling what it could do to the family. When Penelope and Audrey find Parker alone on the couch, they kneel in front of him and set the stage. Parker is dumbfounded when he realizes Penelope and Audrey are going to suck his cock. He’s always wanted to get his dick sucked by two babes at once, and now he was about to have his chance with his fucking stepnana and his stepaunt – what a world!