PervMom: Sophia Locke – Thou Shall Spill Your Seed in Me

One day, the bodacious Sophia Locke passes by her stepson Parker’s room and overhears him praying. The boy has always had an obsession with her, especially with that fine body of hers, and has been jerking off to his stepmom in secret. The problem is that he’s been “spilling his seed” spontaneously in class, making a fool of himself. Thinking it’s God’s punishment, he prays for it to go away, but the vivacious Sophia knows it’s just a matter of teaching him self-control. With the excuse of giving her boy a hand, Sophia finally gets a hold of Parker’s cock, gently rubbing her pussy on him to test Parker’s ability to contain himself. As a good Christian, Sophia doesn’t let Parker spill any drop of his sweet seed, savoring every ounce that comes from her stepson’s luscious dick. Noticing Parker’s improvement, Sophia’s teachings move on to fucking. It’s now time for her boy to feed her with his precious man juice, all for the sake of him not spilling his seed in vain. Sophia relishes her stepson’s seed, thanking the Lord for such a good boy.

Actors: Sophia Locke