Mylf Labs Concept: Andi Avalon – Edging

What’s up, Mylf lovers? We’ve got an exciting experiment, so let’s get scientific and jump right into the fun. We all know how edging works – building up to the moment right before climax but holding in the orgasm for a more intense payoff later. Edging is something that you don’t see a ton of in porn, and we thought it was time to change that. In this Labs update, Andi is a sexy milf nurse looking to help Nick shoot his load. But she doesn’t want him to bust right away – she’s going to edge him so he can give her a massive creamy load after building him up. Andi strokes Nick’s dick, slowly jerking him off and playing with his tip. He can’t have her pussy unless he promises not to cum right away. Nick fucks Andi hard and has to do everything in his power not to bust. When Andi knows Nick has held it in for as long as possible, she jerks him off again, letting Nick cum. His load rolls down the head of his cock, and Andi continues to stroke him and play with his now sensitive tip.

Actors: Andi Avalon