ManoJob: Riley Nixon – Pre-Nup Fist Pump

It’s lights out with Riley Nixon! Why? Riley’s come to say good night and to thank you. Wait…what?! Thank you? Why!?! Cause Riley got engaged today! And you help set that up with your best buddy and Riley! So why is she turning out the lights in your room and thanking you? Because Riley noticed you staring at her all day. Specifically, Riley noticed your boner. And since her fiancé — your best buddy — is sleeping…why not? Why not get one last “play date” in before she becomes a married woman!?! And remember, a hand job isn’t really “sex”…is it? But what if Riley can’t help herself? What if a “cunt tease” goes too far? Is a couple strokes considered “sex”? Tit fucking certainly isn’t!! What about Riley finishing the job and pretty her pretty face with your 3-day-old-ball-sac-back-up?!

Actors: Riley Nixon