ManoJob: Leila Cove – Drained

Leila Cove has a problem. Really…she does. In a way, it’s the same one I have as a producer / director. Leila makes men cum to fast. Whether it’s her hand, her mouth, her cunt or her booty, Leila causes premature ejaculation. Enter Mr. POV. Whether it’s Mike Stud or Brad Newman or Alex Jett playing the role, I always remind the fellahs to come to set with a full load — 2 to 3 day ball-sac back-up is great. Most of the time, this results in the “money shot” I’m looking for; however, sometimes Mr. POV can’t hold out until the end of the scene! That’s what you’re about to witness! Enjoy my bro!

Actors: Leila Cove