ManoJob: Jessica Starling – Ooops

I hate it when my stepmom wakes me up. LoL – not really!! 😉 I mean look at her! Blonde and busty and all natural! She’s a freak, too! Dad married right when he married Jessica Starling — and 30 years younger!! So we have this little ritual when she busts into my room to wake me up…cause I always have morning wood. Always! Even on my first day of college!! Stepmom Jessica won’t allow me to go to school with “all that cum in your balls”, cause she knows I’ll learn more and behave better after she helps me release!! “We’re gonna get rid of this so fast,” Jessica Stepmom says to me as she observes my swollen balls! It’s embarrassing sometimes, cause a lot of times I can’t even “hold out” for the duration. In other words, I pop early!! Like today!!! Cause that’s what having a stepmom like Jessica does to you!!