Hot MILFs Fuck – Angelina (Pretty Little Hate Machine)

Now even though I’m a bit harsh in this writeup of today’s Milf who’s probably just constantly misunderstood in her daily life, and some of you might take exception to what I say here, but listen. Rude things don’t have to be said out loud and I want to state for the record she had the time of her life today. Claiming during her Post Shoot Confessional that it was some of the best sex of her life and she had more Orgasms today than ever before. You see Angelina walked into our den of pleasure extremely frustrated sexually and subsequently left with a new hope in life of better sex in the future, and we love it. I’m actually quite sympathetic to how sexually frustrated women must be because I hear it a lot from the women and girls about how most men suck in bed, and this Milf’s frustration is on full display here. But the facts remain, what I wrote and describe below is factually what happened and is all in good fun . . . I think, so let’s begin shall we?