Fit18: Kelsey Kane – Initial Fitness Casting

Blonde, brown-eyed Kelsey looks like she is in good shape, but I was shocked when she told me she was 130lbs. Normally someone who is barely 5’6 with that kind of weight would have rounder measurements so I asked her what she did for exercise and was shocked to learn she’s an avid powerlifter. That would explain it. Muscle weighs more than fat supposedly, and Kelsey is evidence of that statement. The powerlifting has been great for her butt cheeks as she laid on the floor and pressed them together so I can enter her from above. Her tight pussy squeezed my cock snugly and those cheeks provided a nice cushion to thrust and squeeze in my hands. Turning around, her toned physique was more evident as her rippling abs peeked under her outstretched legs while in missionary. I love a girl who is fit and it didn’t take too long for me to finish which she happily accepted in her mouth with a big smile.

Actors: Kelsey Kane