ExCoGi Girls – Melanie & Stella (Teach Me New Things)

It’s Melanie Marie & Stella Luxx returning for some naughty fun. We’ve always loved having these two, not only are they beautiful from head to toe but Melanie’s an adrenaline junkie who loves getting off with whoever happens to be on the bed with her. And then there’s Stella who’s just a bundle of energy who loves to experiment and try new things any chance she gets. After seeing the two of them separately, we knew we had to get them together and boy were we right. These two kittens had amazing chemistry right from the start and with Stella looking for a partner with more experience, Melanie was a perfect fit, in more ways than one! Once Melanie got a look at Stella’s epic tan lines, it was all over, you could tell she could hardly wait to get between her legs and dive into that tight little pussy. It is after all her favorite thing to do! After some world class oral escapades, the girls raided the toy drawer which got pretty creamy pretty fast. There’s even a little anal action for Stella, making this one you won’t want to miss, so grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show!