Emma (High School Girl Tries Anal) – Backroom Casting Couch

My goodness ladies and gentlemen we’ve got another petite treat for you! It’s 18 year old Emma! Coming in at 4’11 and 80 pounds she is one of the tiniest things I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous blue eyes, amazing blonde hair, giggly, bubbly, just the whole package. Another fun and interesting fact is that she’s actually STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!! That’s right, pick your jaws up off the floor. This is like the perfect storm, or the great white buffalo ya’ll. When she first arrives, we exchange some pleasantries and get to know her a little better. I think to myself that this girl was built for porno. Those fantastic natural tits are like perfect for her frame. She likes talking about her sexuality, you can tell she’s pretty comfortable in her own skin. We find out she’s got a boyfriend (we find that out at the end though). Legitimately she’s the whole package…hell when she starts masturbating she’s so horny, she’s dripping girl cum.. From here it’s all fireworks for me ya’ll. I’m not gonna gush on and on about everything that happened. Let’s just say idk if I’ve ever had such a beautiful set of eyes looking up at me while sucking my cock. She loves to eat ass, she’s enthusiastic about getting pounded, so itty bitty and petite. Something I forgot to mention before is how that pretty little butthole has never been fucked. I think her boyfriend should probably send me a gift basket or something for breaking her in. Don’t get me wrong she does a great job of taking my cock, she’s the superstar. But apparently she’s never let him do that yet, and now that we’ve gotten her over that fear I’m pretty sure he’s in for a treat lol. After fucking her in pile driver for a bit, I pull out and nut all over her, with some extra emphasis on her butthole. Just enough to pool up and give her a delicious treat. Even after getting ambushed and buttfucked, she’s still all smiles on the couch, a true angel, sitting there dripping cum. Rick lets her know she isn’t getting paid, but she’s not sweating that too much. Sayonara sweet Emma, hopefully our paths cross again.